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Confronto sull’art. 21 della “Dichiarazione universale dei Diritti Umani e Civili delle Nazioni Unite”.

Statement of H.H the 14th Dalai Lama to all Tibetans in
7 settembre 2009

06 April 2008
Latest information as of july 29, 2008, number of Tibetans killed, arrested, and injured since March 10 clampdown on the Tibetans by the PRC follows below:

  • Number of Tibetans killed: more than 218 (july 31st 2008)
  • Number of Tibetan injured: above 1,290
  • Number of Tibetan arrested: more than 6,705

In view of the ongoing critical situation inside Tibet, we urge the United Nations and the International community and organizations to the following urgent needs:

  1. 1.To immediately send an independent international fact-finding mission into Tibet
  2. 2.To exert pressure on the PRC government to allow unfettered access to free press in whole of Tibet
  3. 3.To pressure the PRC to end the brutal killings in the whole of Tibet
  4. 4.To immediately release all the arrested and imprisoned Tibetans
  5. 5.To extend immediate medical assistance to those injured Tibetans
  6. 6.To allow free movement of people and provide access to daily needs
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