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Confronto sull’art. 21 della “Dichiarazione universale dei Diritti Umani e Civili delle Nazioni Unite”.

Poland wants Council of Europe to support Tibet
29 settembre 2009

Polish Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski has made an appeal to Terry Davis, secretary general of the Council of Europe, to undertake action in order to amend the present situation in Tibet.
According to Kochanowski, supporting the people of Tibet is a moral duty of all the countries in the Council of Europe.”The ideals of freedom, civil disobedience, the right to resistance and observance of human rights are the illustrious achievements of Europe’s jurisdiction and legal tradition. Our duty is to protect
anyone whom these rights are denied,” wrote Kochanowski in a letter to Davis.

In March, Kochanowski held a meeting with representatives of NGO’s fighting for the observance of human rights in Tibet to jointly decide on the future course of action. Already at that point he was saying that the Council of Europe should present its standpoint on the Tibet issue.

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