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Confronto sull’art. 21 della “Dichiarazione universale dei Diritti Umani e Civili delle Nazioni Unite”.

Foreign Spokesperson Qing Gang
29 settembre 2009

Foreign Spokesperson Qing Gang’s Remarks on Postponing the 11th China-EU Summit Meeting

Q: Has China informed the European Union of its decision to postpone the 11th China-EU Summit Meeting scheduled to take place in France in early December? Is it because French President Sarkozy announced that he would meet with the Dalai Lama the other day? Today, the European Union issued a statement, saying that it intends to continue promoting the strategic partnership it has with China, and strengthen close cooperation with China. However, the French Government spokesperson said that President Sarkozy still planned to meet with the Dalai Lama soon. Do you have any comment?

A: China attaches great importance to the 11th China-EU Summit Meeting scheduled to take place in France in early December, and has made active and intensive preparation for it. But the French leader, the rotating president of the Council of the European Union, publicly announced the other day that he would meet with the Dalai Lama after the China-EU Summit, which immediately aroused strong dissatisfaction of the Chinese Government and people. The Tibet issue is related to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and bares on China’s core interest. We resolutely oppose to Dalai’s separatist activities in any countries in whatever capacity, and the contact between foreign leaders with him in whatever form. To maintain good relations with France and the European Union, China has been patiently working on France time and again, hoping that it would properly handle the Tibet issue, so as to create necessary conditions for the China-EU Summit Meeting. Regrettably, the French side does not actively respond to China’s efforts of maintaining relations with France and the European Union. Therefore, the summit cannot be held in a sound atmosphere, nor can it achieve the expected goals. Under such circumstances, China has no choice but to postpone the China-EU Summit Meeting. The current situation is not caused by China, nor should China be held responsible for it. Nevertheless, China has not changed its determination and policy to actively develop its ties with the European Union. China is still willing to work together with the EU from the long term perspective, to push forward the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations on the basis of mutual respect on an equal footing.

China cherishes the ties with France and has been making active and unremitting efforts to develop bilateral relations. We hope that France could proceed from the overall interest, and properly deal with China’s major concerns in real earnest so as to create conditions for the steady development of bilateral relations.

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