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Confronto sull’art. 21 della “Dichiarazione universale dei Diritti Umani e Civili delle Nazioni Unite”.

Call to European TSGs and Tibetan communities in Europe
1 settembre 2009

Fourty European Tibet Support Groups and Human Rights organisations from Italy,France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland are publically supporting the return march to Tibet planned by five leading Tibetan NGOs.

An appeal was signed in Chivasso (Italy), on 16th February, 2008 to “ask all associations, supporting groups, social and political forces, institutions and local authorities to outrightly support the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement”.

Since then, several other TSGs decided to join the Appeal of Chivasso .
As many demonstrations will be held in the next days to commemorate the Tibetan Uprising Day, we ask all demonstrations organisers to promote and support the launch of the return march to Tibet.
We ask all European TSGs and all Tibetan communities in Europe to fully support this action and to join the Appeal of Chivasso. It is the duty of each and every Tibetan in Europe to support this historic action held by these heroic Tibetan brothers and sisters in India. It is the duty of each Tibet supporter to express strong solidarity with the Tibetan people at this historic moment.

Support the Return March ! Join the Appeal of Chivasso !

- Campagna di Solidarieta con il Popolo Tibetano (IT),
- Tibet Culture House (IT),
- Students for a Free Tibet Italy (IT),
- Alternative tibetaine (FR),
- Tibet Destination Rangzen (FR),
- Comitato ISCOS Piemonte (IT),
- Unione Buddhista Europea (IT),
- Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori (IT),
- Comitato Storico-Umanitario (IT),
- Associazione Incontri Italiani (IT),
- Associazione Italia-Tibet (IT),
- Laogai Research Foundation Italy (IT),
- Comite de Apoyo al Tibet (ES),
- Associazione Ticino-Tibet (CH),
- Tibetan Women’s Association Italy (IT),
- Etudiants pour un Tibet Libre / SFT-France (FR),
- Axion Tibet (FR),
- Briançon Urgence Tibet (FR),
- Autodetermination-Tibet 09/31 (FR),
- Drome Ardeche-Tibet (FR),
- Passeport tibetain (FR),
- Espoir pour le Tibet (FR),
- France-Tibet (FR),
- Nos amis de l’Himalaya (FR),
- CSPT Bretagne (FR),
- Lions des Neiges Mont-Blanc (FR),
- Mantrayana Tibetan Association (FR),
- Tibetan Programme / Program Tybetanski-Poland (PL),
- Tendrel-Action Tibet (FR),
- Sohimal (FR),
- Tibet Languedoc (FR),
- Association Paloise pour l’Art et la Culture Tibetains (FR),
- Solidarite Tibet (FR),
- Tibet 59/62 (FR),
- Objectif Tibet (FR),
- Tibet Liberte Solidarite (FR),
- Matchik Labreun (FR)

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